May 2023
What Does It Mean to Refinance a Loan
Refinancing has become a popular subject in the financial world recently. Many property owners and businesses are benefiting from low-interest rates and choosing to refinance their loans. What does refinancing loans mean? Refinancing a loan refers to taking out a new loan to settle an earlier one. This new loan often has flexible repayment terms, cheaper...
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What is IP-Backed Finance
Do you know what IP-backed financing is? Intellectual property (IP) assets can be utilized as collateral in a financing strategy known as “IP-Backed Finance” to raise capital. IP covers copyrights, trade secrets, patents, and trademarks. Businesses may get loans by pledging IP as security. An IP-Backed fund may be a useful instrument for businesses wanting to raise...
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What Is Asset-Based Lending? How Loans Work and
Do you know what an asset-based loan is? Asset-based lending has become a popular choice for corporate finance in recent years. Asset-based financing refers to using assets like accounts receivable, inventory, or equipment as collateral to get loans. Due to its adaptability, accessibility, and capacity to provide firms with the operating capital, they need to finance...
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Revenue Based Financing
Revenue Based Financing is a capital raising method in which investing parties get a fraction of the company’s ongoing total gross revenues in exchange for capital. As technology companies strive for growth and scalability, they need access to capital. However, conventional forms of financing like debt financing or equity-based finance may only sometimes be a...
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