September 2023
Yahoo Finance
We’re excited to share some phenomenal news with you! Avon River Ventures, headed by the visionary CEO Krutarth Shah, has been featured on the renowned Yahoo Finance platform. It’s a pivotal moment that underscores the solid strides we’re making in the realm of IP-backed financing in North America. Unveiling the Power of IP-Backed Financing Here’s...
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Patents to unleash IP Backed Financing
Securing a patent for your invention is crucial in protecting your intellectual property and potentially profting from your innovation. However, navigating the patent fling process can be complex and challenging. To help you successfully fle a patent, here are fve key steps to follow: 1. Conduct a Comprehensive Patent Search Before you begin the patent...
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How to Qualify and Apply for a Commercial Real Estate Loan?
A commercial real estate loan is essentially a financial lifeline that business owners use to expand or secure commercial property. This loan type is different from a residential mortgage; it’s specifically designed to help you acquire, develop, or refinance commercial spaces like retail shops, office buildings, or warehouses. This loan may serve as a catapult for the...
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How to Finance Your Next Equipment Purchase?
In the bustling world of healthcare, having top-notch equipment isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. But let’s be real, getting our hands on the latest tech can sometimes leave our wallets feeling a bit light. So, what is healthcare finance? Simply put, it’s how medical establishments manage their money to keep those essential machines running....
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Determination of the Value of a Patent Portfolio
Intellectual property (IP) assets are increasingly recognized as valuable commodities in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Among these, patents are a powerful tool for protecting and monetizing innovation. For businesses and inventors alike, the determination of the value of a patent portfolio is a pivotal exercise. It assesses the worth of their intellectual property and guides strategic...
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