May 2024
The Importance of Intellectual Property Valuation and Protection
Intellectual property (IP) has become a crucial business asset that can significantly impact a company’s competitiveness and revenue. The importance of intellectual property stems from its ability to provide market advantages and monetization opportunities. From trademarks to patents and trade secrets, IP constitutes innovations, creative expressions, and goodwill that are unique to an organization. However,...
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Private Equity vs. Venture Capital What’s the Difference
Investing in private companies plays a crucial role in driving business growth and innovation. Two of the main private investment vehicles are private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC). There has been a lot of debate around venture capital vs. private equity. While both provide funding in exchange for partial company ownership, they have distinct...
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How to Sell a Patent
The importance of patents as a form of intellectual property cannot be understated. Patents provide inventors with protection for their innovations while also disseminating information to society. For those wondering how to sell a patent, we will discuss key steps that can lead to success. Research the market value thoroughly, as patent values vary depending...
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Copyright vs Trademark vs Patent
Intellectual property is basically creative work or big ideas that someone came up with. Things like new inventions, logos and brand names, art, books, poems, scientific discoveries, movies, and computer programs are all examples. The person who created the intellectual property can control certain rights around it for a set period of time. Let’s dive...
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