June 2024
Why it is important to protect intellectual property
Intellectual property rights are crucial for fostering innovation. They provide legal protections for the innovations, creative works, and brands that drive economic growth. Why it is important to protect intellectual property? IP rights incentivize investment in research and development. Companies pursue new inventions knowing they can exclusively profit from breakthroughs. Without IP laws, competitors could...
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Is intellectual property an asset
Intellectual property refers to things like inventions, books, logos, images, etc. that come from someone’s creativity or hard work. There are different types, including patents, trademarks, and copyrights. The value of intellectual property is recognized more and more nowadays. Our economy relies so much on new technologies, media, brands, designs, and other IP. It encourages...
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Navigating the exciting yet complex process of selling your patent requires reasonable expectations of potential profits. If you have recently secured a patent, visions of million-dollar payouts may dominate your thoughts. However, while certainly possible in rare blockchain or biotech breakthroughs, most patented products sell for five to six-figure sums. The process of selling your...
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How Does a Stock Loan Work differently than a mortgage loan
Stock loans and mortgage loans are common financing solutions people utilize. How does a stock loan work? With a stock loan, an investor can get cash without having to sell off their securities like stocks and bonds. These assets get held as collateral, so the investor keeps their holdings while also getting their hands on...
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