Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based lending is borrowing under an agreement that is secured by some collateral. Any asset-based loan or line of credit may be secured by various assets such as inventory, equipment, accounts receivable, or other property owned by the borrower. When you choose Avon River Ventures, you have one of North America’s most experienced teams on your side. The team at ARV has over 80 years of combined experience providing asset-based financing solutions. Our team is dedicated to streamlining the asset-based lending process, from due diligence, loan approval, and funding to onboarding, daily service, and renewal/graduation.


Avon River Ventures have established a strong reputation in the Asset Based Lending space because of our ability to secure financing against various kinds of assets such as inventory, equipment & machinery, Account Receivables, Real Estate, Cash and other Deposits, and Intangible Assets (Intellectual Property) such as Patents, Trademarks, and Trade Secrets, Asset Based Lending provides quick financing to support business growth. We offer extensive credit availability through customized loan arrangements to fit your business needs. Avon river Ventures’ Asset-Based Lending is committed to providing your company with the best overall financing solution, including limited or no financial covenants and the ability to commit to, fully underwrite, and syndicate large transactions.

Avon River Ventures typically offers advance rates on the collateral up to:

Account Receivable: up to90%
On FMV of Real Estate: up to85%
Appraised Value of Machinery and Equipment: up to90%
Inventory: up to90%
On Appraised Intellectual Property: Up to100%


  • At Least two years in business
  • Minimum annual revenue of $100,000
  • Must be a locally registered company in the United States or Canada


  • More Flexibility than a traditional credit facility
  • Advances available up to 90% on the assets secured
  • Global Financing Structures Available
  • Quick Access to growth capital
  • Committed Facilities with terms up to 120 months
  • USD and CAD-denominated terms
  • Fast closing within 2-6 weeks
  • For Private and Public Companies


  • Connect with us
  • Submit the documents
  • We will underwrite
  • Asset Appraisal (if required)
  • Review and Accept the Term Sheet
  • Disbursement

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