Sell Patents
Navigating the exciting yet complex process of selling your patent requires reasonable expectations of potential profits. If you have recently secured a patent, visions of million-dollar payouts may dominate your thoughts. However, while certainly possible in rare blockchain or biotech breakthroughs, most patented products sell for five to six-figure sums. The process of selling your...
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How to Sell a Patent
The importance of patents as a form of intellectual property cannot be understated. Patents provide inventors with protection for their innovations while also disseminating information to society. For those wondering how to sell a patent, we will discuss key steps that can lead to success. Research the market value thoroughly, as patent values vary depending...
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Copyright vs Trademark vs Patent
Intellectual property is basically creative work or big ideas that someone came up with. Things like new inventions, logos and brand names, art, books, poems, scientific discoveries, movies, and computer programs are all examples. The person who created the intellectual property can control certain rights around it for a set period of time. Let’s dive...
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Auction Process in Patent Sales
In today’s dynamic business landscape, owning valuable patents can be a significant asset. However, there are times when selling patents can provide strategic advantages, whether to unlock capital for innovation or to realize the value of your intellectual property. Knowing the right time to sell patents is crucial, and Avon River Ventures can be your...
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Asset Finance and Asset-Based Lending
Asset-based lending (ABL) is a broader term that encompasses a range of financing options where a company uses its assets, such as accounts receivable, inventory, or equipment, as collateral to secure a loan. Understanding the differences between asset finance and asset-backed loans is crucial for businesses seeking appropriate financing options. It allows them to make informed decisions...
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What Is Asset-Based Lending? How Loans Work and
Do you know what an asset-based loan is? Asset-based lending has become a popular choice for corporate finance in recent years. Asset-based financing refers to using assets like accounts receivable, inventory, or equipment as collateral to get loans. Due to its adaptability, accessibility, and capacity to provide firms with the operating capital, they need to finance...
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