What is Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), and how does it play a role in IP Backed Financing?

What is Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI), and how does it play a role in IP Backed Financing?

Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI) is traditionally associated with physical assets like vehicles and real estate. However, the concept of CPI has been extended to intellectual property (IP) to mitigate risk for lenders such as Avon River Ventures, who accept IP as collateral. This approach helps Avon River Ventures safeguard its investment in cases where the borrower’s IP is the primary loan repayment source. Here’s a closer look at how Avon River Ventures ensures their lending through the Collateral Insurance Protection Policy:

Why CPI for Avon River Ventures?


  1. IP as Collateral: In scenarios where businesses or individuals use their intellectual property assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets, as collateral to secure loans, we have an interest in ensuring the value of that IP remains
  2. Risk Mitigation: Just like with physical collateral, there’s a risk that the value of the IP could be compromised due to legal challenges, infringement claims, or other factors that might affect its marketability or This is where CPI for Avon River Ventures comes to play.
  3. Insurance Coverage: Collateral Protection Insurance for intellectual property would function similarly to other types of Avon River Ventures would require the borrower to maintain specific insurance coverage on the IP collateral to protect the lender’s interest. Avon River Ventures work with a network of Prime Insurance Brokers to obtain such Collateral Protection Insurance Policy, and the premium is paid from the disbursed loan. Despite the CPI, the overall cost of capital stays between 8-10%.
  4. Lapsed or Insufficient Coverage: If the borrower’s insurance coverage on the intellectual property lapses, is insufficient, or does not adequately protect our interest, Avon River Ventures can purchase CPI at a later date once after the loan is
  5. Supplement to borrower’s Insurance Coverage: If the borrower’s insurance coverage is inadequate, Avon River Ventures will purchase a Collateral Protection Insurance policy specifically designed to protect the interest in the IP collateral. The cost of this policy would be passed on to the borrower and is often between 25% to 0.75% of the overall loan amount.
  6. Notification and Borrower’s Option: Like in traditional CPI scenarios, we would typically notify the borrower of the lapsed or insufficient insurance coverage and allow the borrower to rectify the situation by obtaining proper coverage. If the borrower can show evidence of sufficient coverage, Avon River Ventures will not proceed with purchasing

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Benefits and Considerations


Downside Protection: Collateral Protection Insurance for intellectual property lenders such as Avon River Ventures provides security by ensuring their interest in the IP collateral is protected even if the borrower’s insurance falters.

Risk Mitigation: When we deal with significant loan amounts based primarily on the value of the borrower’s IP, CPI can mitigate the risk of the IP losing its weight due to unforeseen events.

Complex Valuation: Intellectual property valuation can be tricky and challenging in assessing appropriate insurance coverage. Our underwriters at Avon River Ventures would need to work closely with experts to determine the proper level of coverage.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations: The legal and regulatory landscape surrounding intellectual property can be intricate and vary by jurisdiction. Avon River Ventures’ credit committee often understands these nuances to ensure compliance with applicable laws, market conditions, and regulations.


Collateral Protection Insurance for Avon River Ventures is an innovative approach providing an extra layer of security when using IP assets as collateral. By extending the principles of traditional CPI to the world of intangible assets, we can ensure that our investment remains safeguarded, even in the unpredictable realm of intellectual property. As with any financial arrangement, clear communication and a thorough understanding of the terms are vital for borrowers and us engaging in such agreements.

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