Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing: The Door To Success For Small Businesses and Start-ups

Every year, companies invest thousands of dollars in purchasing new or used equipment for their businesses. Many will choose to finance this expensive equipment through equipment financing or equipment loans to spread the expense over the asset’s lifespan or to free up capital that can be invested elsewhere in the business.

Whether you are looking to purchase a single piece of equipment while maintaining cash flow, upgrade multiple pieces of equipment to keep up with evolving technology, or seek financing solutions for your ongoing equipment needs, Avon River Ventures is your funding partner specializing in equipment financing.

Overview of Equipment Financing

Equipment FinancingTo understand equipment financing, it is essential to understand what is considered ‘equipment.’ Any tangible asset other than property or a building may be considered business equipment. For example, desks, chairs, copiers, phones, or printers for a new office, X-ray or ultrasound machines for a medical office, and construction or heavy-duty material machinery qualify as business equipment.

Buying and maintaining equipment is expensive, and equipment often gets obsolete, outdated, or replaced by a newer version of the technology. Many small business owners opt to finance these purchases as high costs involve maintaining and owning equipment.

Benefits of Equipment Financing / Equipment Loans

  • Cash Flow Management: Equipment financing helps businesses manage their cash flow by spreading the cost of equipment over time, preserving working capital for other operational needs.
  • Access to Up-to-Date Equipment: By utilizing equipment financing, businesses can acquire the latest technology and equipment, enabling them to stay competitive and enhance productivity.
  • Preservation of Credit Lines: Equipment financing allows businesses to preserve their existing lines of credit for other business expenses or emergencies.
  • Tax Advantages: In many cases, businesses can benefit from tax deductions on the interest paid for equipment financing, resulting in potential tax savings.
  • Flexible Loan Terms: Equipment financing offers flexible loan terms, including longer repayment periods and lower interest rates, tailored specifically for equipment purchases.
  • Improved Cash Flow Forecasting: Fixed monthly payments associated with equipment financing enable businesses to better forecast their cash flow and allocate resources effectively.
  • Faster Approval and Acquisition: Equipment financing providers like Avon River Ventures offer streamlined processes, ensuring quick approval and funding, allowing businesses to acquire equipment promptly.

Count on us Equipment Financing

At Avon River Ventures, we understand that for some businesses, the need for equipment at the right time is of great essence. That’s why our funding application process has a quick turnaround time, usually within 48 hours, and we can secure equipment financing up to $2,000,000. We provide up to 90% Loan to Value on the Equipment Financing, ensuring businesses have the necessary funds to acquire the equipment they need.


  • 1+ Years in Operation
  • Minimum Annual Revenue of $100,000
  • Good Business Credit Standing


  • Immediate Cashflow
  • Increase the book value of the business
  • Long Term Loan
  • Lower Interest Rates


  • Connect with us
  • Submit the documents
  • We will underwrite
  • Asset Appraisal (if required)
  • Review and Accept the Term Sheet

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