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Equity FinancingDo you have an excellent idea for your business? If you are tired of working for someone else and think you’ve got everything to become a successful entrepreneur, why not give it a shot? Owning a business and turning it into a profitable venture is a rewarding experience. After all, as the famous Ron Swanson has said, “Capitalism is God’s way of determining who is competent and who is poor. “

When companies sell shares to investors against a monetary value, it is called equity financing. Companies can raise money by diluting their shares for R&D, Growth and Expansion, Product enhancement and development, or buying out a business or a partner. Equity Financing comes after the Friends and Family round, usually used to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

However, with tremendous rewards comes more significant risks. We all know that almost 95% of all startups would fail in the first five years. The first reason for this failure is more funding at the right time. Business funding can give your small business the boost it needs to thrive (and sometimes survive). However, the current economic downturn has imposed brakes on funding availability. The cost of acquiring capital has risen significantly compared to the cost of borrowing. The capital acquisition is mostly tossed as Venture Financing in the world of startups. Founders knock on the doors of Venture Capitalists to provide their startups with liquidity that will help them to build their products, acquire labour, and launch. At Avon River Ventures, we invest in various startups and businesses at different stages of their company building.

Avon River Ventures act as an Independent Venture Funding Group, and our dynamic fund is under management, allowing us to invest in various sectors such as:

  • Healthcare, Biotech, Lifescience, and Medical Devices
  • Deep Tech
  • AI and ML
  • SaaS
  • Consumer
  • Fintech
  • E-Commerce
  • Industrial, Clean Energy, and Innovation

What do we invest in?

If your business/startup falls into one or more categories listed below, we would like to find synergies and partner in your courageous risk-taking.

  • Projects with Real Estate Investment Requirements (Land, Factory, MultiFamily Housing, Warehouse, Assembly Unit Lines, Hotels, Restaurants, Café, etc. )
  • Startups with good founder background (The founder’s resume plays an important role, but that is not a deciding factor)
  • Equity Financing for Net Cashflow Positive businesses with a few paying customers.
  • In the case of startups that are in the stage of developing their product, our investment will be dependent on the solid financial projection discounted over a term of the next five years.

We look into businesses and determine if equity or Debt Financing is more suitable. We have devised and implemented a unique approach to funding a startup/business.

Check out more about Equity Financing: Our SIX-STEP Process to Fund your business in 30 Days!

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