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May it be curative, preventive, rehabilitative, or palliative, healthcare, in general, has had numerous
technological and medical advancements in the past couple of decades. These advancements are capital-intensive and non-obvious, which means that at each and every stage, there arises a necessity to finance a new project or sustain developments within an ongoing project.

Healthcare professionals who have just started their professional journey after long academics might also seek capital to begin their practice. For such professionals in the United States and Canada, we provide financing instruments to acquire medical devices, a clinic facility, and some working capital to hire their staff. Our support does not end at that moment; being your capital partners; we provide ongoing liquidity as and when required.

Commercializing a Biotechnology product takes about ten years and $100 MM, which is a lot of money at a high burn rate for a very long period. Whether your company is Privately owned or Publicly Traded, our team of specialists, with a combined experience of over 250 years, will aid you in your journey to advance. We specialize in registering, evaluating, commercializing, and collateralizing Intellectual Property for Biotechnology companies, making us unique from Traditional Banks


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