Navigating the exciting yet complex process of selling your patent requires reasonable expectations of potential profits. If you have recently secured a patent, visions of million-dollar payouts may dominate your thoughts. However, while certainly possible in rare blockchain or biotech breakthroughs, most patented products sell for five to six-figure sums.

The process of selling your patent involves a complex range of considerations. Having successfully navigated the patent approval process to protect your novel intellectual property asset, deriving fair market value is the next step. Additionally, understanding your patent’s competitive landscape and revenue potential allows you to gauge prices and terms accurately.

Here we will talk about how much you can sell a patent for!

What’s the Typical Selling Price Range?

How much can you sell a patent for? There’s a pretty wide range when it comes to how much you can sell a patent for. The vast majority go for somewhere between $10,000 on the lower end, to $50,000 on the higher side. Only exceptionally valuable patents in booming product categories fetch $1 million or more.

Some key factors that impact a patent’s sale price and make it more (or less) valuable include the size of the potential market, demand for that type of product, remaining patent life span, and whether the patented tech is a pioneering breakthrough or an incremental improvement.

License or Outright Assign?

When it comes to actually selling your patent, you’ve got two main paths to pursue – licensing or outright assignment of full ownership. Licensing means you keep the patent rights but allow another company/company to use your invention for a cut of their profits and/or an upfront fee.

The other route is outright assignment – a full transfer where you sell 100% of the patent rights to a new owner. They become the sole proprietor going forward. No more royalties for you, but you get paid the entire purchase price upfront.

Most inventors start by trying the licensing route first if possible. Typical royalty rates granted can range from 2% up to 15% of product sales revenue generated. On top of that percentage cut, the licensing deal often includes an upfront lump sum payment too.

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What’s the Usual Payout for Inventors?

How much do inventors make? Let’s be honest – the vast majority of individual inventors make pretty modest amounts when selling their patents. For consumer product patents, earning under $50,000 is most common. Industrial patents have bigger market potential, so payouts reaching into the six-figure range aren’t rare.

But multi-million dollar patent sale are the exception that maybe few patents achieve, usually because they’ve solved a major problem or enabled an exciting new product category that corporations are willing to pay a premium to control.

Calculating Estimated Patent Value

There’s no perfect, definitive way to calculate exactly how much your patent is worth. But professional services do provide detailed assessments that consider key factors like:

  • Remaining years of patent life protection
  • Size of the potential product market
  • Expected demand for the patented product itself
  • Estimated manufacturing costs
  • Required marketing and distribution resources

Making the Sale

Once you’ve got realistic expectations set around your patent’s value, the sale process starts by identifying the most relevant potential buyers – companies already operating in that product space who would find your patented idea valuable.

Next, you need to prepare marketing materials that highlight the key benefits and advantages of your patented invention. What problems does it solve? How will it make their products better? Don’t overinflate claims, but don’t undersell either.

For maximum return when you sell patents, many inventors use patent brokers or agents. The best brokers have existing relationships to easily locate prospective buyers and get a deal done at the highest possible price point.

Most individual inventors can realistically expect a modest five or six-figure payday when selling their patents through proper channels.


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