IP Backed Financing

Healthcare, biotech, and Lifescience are often viewed as rapid growth industries ripe with opportunities for innovation and bringing about a meaningful change that can advance humanity and solve some of the most complex problems around medical science. Avon River Ventures works with a limited group of highly qualified professionals who understand the space from medical science and financing perspectives. We aim to give our partnered companies a double-sided sword that they can leverage on their product or service innovation and financing side.

While furnishing a funding transaction for Healthcare, Biotech, or Lifescience companies, we observe that the value of their Intangible Assets outweighs the value of their Tangible Assets. In some cases, the value of intangible assets is often unrealized on a company’s books. This could be because the company needs to know the actual value of its Intellectual Property (IP), and there are only a few qualified ways of determining a Fair Market Value of the IP. If the IP value gets registered on the books, it increases the company’s book value, which is a massive win.

Avon River, Ventures’ Intellectual Property-Backed Financing solution, recognizes your IP’s strength, & value. This opens up a new lending stream for companies with good IP that can commercialize and generate revenue.

Our Independent IP Advisory Committee aids highly innovative companies in evaluating the potentiality of the IP. Proper evaluation of the IP can help companies secure a ‘non-dilutive’ and long-term financing option against their IP. For Publicly Traded companies, this draws attention to the capital markets and positively affects the market cap.

Avon River Ventures offers a full range of valuation services for IP, such as Patent Valuation (covers all types of Patents such as Utility, Design, and Plant), Patent Application Valuation, Trade-Secrets, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc.

We hold great pride in our highly detailed and professional IP underwriting. IP underwriting involves two in-house teams of specialists; IP Insurance Underwriters and Capital Market Partners.

  • IP Insurance Underwriting: This process involves deep analysis on the fronts of underwriting the worth of IP and translating it to an insurable collateralized IP asset. The insurance covers the cost of litigations, appeals, damages, counterclaims, and settlements.
  • Capital Market Partners: This is the lending arm of the transaction. With IP being underwritten and insured, the Capital Market team, in conjunction with IP Insurance Underwriters, offers to loan up to 92% of the IP value. Adding an insurance component helps borrowers with a flexible and lenient loan with a term of up to 120 months and interest rates as low as 8%.

Avon River Ventures helps its partnered companies to borrow IP-backed loans and access services IP Valuation at NO COST with its unique financing options.

IP Value Proposition

According to recent reports, studies estimate that intellectual property — a subset of the intangible asset class — represents more than a third of the market value of US publicly traded companies. In 2016, the total revenue created by licencing IP accounted for $116 billion; it has grown three folds in 2020 and is subject to increase in the coming decade.

We at Avon River Ventures involve in highly structured and comprehensive IP Valuation services and help facilitate funding by bridging insurance and capital market components in an agile fashion. Get in touch with us today to explore the non-dilutive IP-Backed Financing
for your business.