Real Estate Investment Loans For Commercial Ventures

When it comes to venturing into the world of commercial real estate, securing the right financing is extremely important. Avon River Ventures specializes in committed to providing tailored real estate investment loans that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking at retail malls, office buildings, or multifunctional complexes, our expert team is here to assist.

Understanding Commercial Real Estate and Its Financing

Commercial real estate (CRE) is an income-generating facility (property) used for business purposes, such as retail malls, shopping centers, office buildings, complexes, warehouses, laboratories, hospitals, and hotels. Financing, including the acquisition, development, and construction of these properties, is facilitated through mortgages secured by liens on the commercial property.

Get Commercial Real Estate Loan with Unparalleled Support

Real Estate AcquisitionAt Avon River Ventures, we offer flexible terms. If approved, we will work with you to create a commercial real estate loan that fits your situation. Working with our specialists means you will have their help finding the right financing option and support throughout the loan process and beyond.

Moreover, our support doesn’t end with approval of real estate investment loans; we will be with you every step of the way even after the completion of the loan process, providing the guidance and assistance you need to achieve success in your commercial real estate ventures.

Comprehensive Real Estate Investment Loans and Financing Solutions

  • Freddie Mac Small Business Loans: Our corpus of lending arm include approved Freddie Mac SBL sellers/servicers, providing small balance loans from $1 million up to $7.5 million with both fixed- and hybrid-rate structures. Borrowed capital could be used for acquisition, refinancing and cash-out requests. We take pride in delivering quick closings backed by flexibility and common-sense underwriting.
  • Bridge Financing: We facilitate short-term, non-recourse bridge and mezzanine loans on value-add, transitional, and event-driven commercial and multifamily real estate where the transaction size ranges up to $75 MM
  • Warehouse, Factory, Office, Storage Facility: If you are currently leasing an office, medical clinic, warehouse, restaurant, office, storage facility or any other piece of commercial real estate and now aim to buy it as a rent-replacement option, Avon River Ventures is your partner. We can help finance up to $80,000,000
  • Lines of Credit: LOC is a great tool to finance CRE acquisition. Alternative to borrowing the entire threshold of capital requirement, businesses should opt for borrowings on the cap. Borrow a little and pay it back, so the whole line is revived.
  • Hard Money Loans: Hard money loans are referred to as Bridge Loans and are one of the favourite borrowing tools of Real Estate Investors. Real Estate Investors seeking short financing to move their project from Point A to Point B use Hard Money Bridge Loans to satisfy their project requirements. Avon River Ventures can facilitate up to $75MM in Hard Money lending for up to 36 months with flexible payback terms and hybrid interest rates.

Structured Financing

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