Revenue Based Funding

Avon River Ventures’ Revenue Based Financing offers one-draw term loans, venture debt, and flexible Lines of Credit, including working capital loan, to companies in the United States, Canada, the UK, and Australia. Our financing options are non-dilutive, so founders do not have to give up equity when their business is at the influxion point of growth – while securing the same amount of financing on a low-cost basis.


Fuel your business with Avon River Ventures' Revenue Based Financing.



Our Revenue Based Financing instruments, including venture debts, are made for the companies to grow and scale


We focus on the founding team and work with you to achieve certain predetermined milestones for your company


We make amendments to our term sheets based on your ad hoc financing requirements.
Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers

Our team puts together multiple scenario-based financing offers for you to pick and choose the best that works for your business.

Funding Up-to $7MM

Our team puts together multiple scenario-based financing offers for you to pick and choose the best that works for your business.
No Hidden Terms

No Hidden Terms or Covenants

Our term sheets do not come with industry- heavy financial jargon making it easier for the founders to understand. We do not have any hidden or implied terms of covenants in our term sheets.
Fast Approval

Fast Approval

We can get you the term sheet in 3-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the transaction
Ownership and Control

Ownership and Control

Unlike VCs, we do not ask for any equity or ownership rights in your company but provide you with the same amount of capital, including working capital loans.
On-Going Support

On-Going Support

We offer continuous support and make vital industry connections to help you outside our financing capabilities.

Criteria of our Revenue-Based Financing

  • Minimum 2 years in the business
  • Headquartered in USA, UK, Canada, or Australia
  • SaaS, Consumer Brand, Technology, manufacturing, E-commerce, or Software. We will consider any business outside our accepted industries on a case-by-case basis.
  • A minimum of $250,000 in Annual Recurring Revenue or $500,000 in Annual Revenue
  • Funding Requirement between $60,000 to $7,000,000. Funding over $5,000,000 is available in trenches.

Our Underwriting Terms

Recurring Revenue
Get up to 6x your MRR or 30% of your Annual Non-Recurring Revenue
The duration of the loan stays in-between 36-60 Months
Term Loans
Term Loans and Line of Credit Options Available
Interest Rates
Interest Rates Starting at 11%

Unlock Growth with Avon River Ventures' Venture Debt and Revenue-Based Financing

Avon River Ventures offers innovative Revenue Based Financing, including venture debt, for budding businesses. Unlike traditional equity financing, venture debt allows entrepreneurs to secure capital without giving up stakes. With this non-dilutive financing option, companies can think of expansion and achieve their growth milestones quickly.

Empower Your Business with Avon River Ventures' Working Capital Loans

Avon River Ventures is dedicated to offering flexible working capital loans to help businesses manage day-to-day expenses and capitalize on growth opportunities. With us, they can secure financial stability at competitive interest rates. So, without making any delays increase the pace of day-to-day operations of your business with our working capital loans.

Ready to scale your business with Avon River Ventures' Growth Capital ?

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