Service Based

Avon River Ventures helps finance a wide range of service companies, provide working capital, facilitate real estate acquisition financing, and invoice factoring. We provide flexible financing options in the form of Lines of Credit and Long/Short Term Loans. Our business loan services for small business owners in the service industry include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Daycare Business Loans
  • Law Firm Business Loans
  • Hair and Beauty Salon Financing
  • Insurance Agency Loans
  • Advertisement and Marketing Agencies Loans
  • Florist Business Loans
  • Technology Consulting Business Loans
  • Alarm and Fire Companies Loans
  • Plumbing, Mechanic, Cabling, and Electrician Business Loans
  • HVAC Business Loans
  • Landscaping Business Loans
  • Tutoring Business Loans
  • Accounting and Advisory Services Business Loans


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