What Is Purchase Order Financing and Can it Benefit Your Business?

What Is Purchase Order Financing and Can it Benefit Your Business?

Purchase order financing has gained a lot of popularity recently! It enables business growth unconstrained by cash flow timing issues. It aligns outlays to projected inflows for more consistent operations.

Wondering what is purchase order financing? It is a flexible business funding solution helping companies fulfill orders they temporarily lack cash flow to manufacture. When sales demand exceeds working capital, purchase order financing serves as a bridging advance.

For example, a manufacturer lands a large order but inventory stock is insufficient.

Upfront materials must be purchased before final payment by the customer. Rather than declining big contracts or hurriedly seeking loans, purchase order financing provides capital exactly matching the PO value. So suppliers get paid on schedule and increased production fulfills orders promptly.

How much does purchase order financing cost? Fees average 1-5% of the PO total financed over the 1-4 month term until order completion. Competitive rates combined with larger sales volume mean more profit leftover once materials and production costs get covered. PO funding fuels sustainable scalability.

How Does Purchase Order Funding Drive Growth?

Purchase order (PO) financing provides fast working capital based on outstanding sales orders to companies temporarily lacking sufficient cash flow for fulfillment. We will now discuss the process, top benefits, best-fit businesses and more!

Bridging Orders With Smarts Funds

The PO funding cycle starts when a business secures a large purchase order from a customer but doesn’t have enough inventory or materials to fulfill it upfront. They apply to a PO financier who vets the order’s legitimacy and confirms the customer’s credibility.

Once approved, the lender pays suppliers directly for all necessary manufacturing inputs and stock-enabling production. This allows on-time order completion. The business ships the finished goods to the original customer who then pays the lender. Finally, the lender deducts their fees and disburses the balance amount to the initial business.

Top Purchase Order Funding Benefits

PO financing offers multiple bottom-line boosting benefits:

  1. No large capital reserves required upfront – This needs no business collateral or guarantees. Future sales orders act as sufficient security for advance payments. Companies avoid tapping precious working capital while still taking on new orders.
  2. Bigger orders feasible – With supplier and inventory costs covered, businesses can deliver at increased volumes. Taking this leverage, SMEs are able to deliver orders seemingly out of reach. Enhanced production capacity unlocks revenue streams from large contracts previously unserviceable.
  3. Supplier relations strengthen – Reliably paying suppliers on time for each order maintains positive business partnerships. Vendors also extend better credit terms seeing consistency. These mutually beneficial trade interactions provide foundations for everyone to scale.

Throughout the process, the financier assumes collection risks related to the PO and reimburses outlays until customer payment.

Ideal Recipients Of Purchase Order Funding

Industries dealing with physical products like manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors running lean benefit most from purchase order financing.

For startups facing exponential early growth, PO funding prevents excessive strain on fragile cash reserves. The key eligibility criteria are:

  • Strong history of completing client orders profitably
  • Purchase agreements from creditworthy high-value buyers
  • Lean working capital unable to independently support order demands
  • Need for growth capital that loans or overdrafts cannot sufficiently provide

With the right PO financing partner, the lack of internal capital to actualize sales potential ceases impeding business growth.

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How to Qualify for Purchase Order Financing?

Obtaining purchase order funding involves satisfying key criteria that demonstrate the capacity to fulfill contracted orders profitably after receiving the upfront capital injection. Financiers assess applicants’ transaction histories, supply chains, and customer profiles when approving financing suitability and terms.

The foremost qualifications include a consistent track record of completing orders profitably per agreements and purchase schedules in the past. Financiers need assurance of sound executive planning, inventory/staff resource management, and relationships driving on-time fulfillment. Additionally, customer creditworthiness establishes the likelihood of them paying the financier post-delivery as expected.


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